Wk2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting


During this weeks art experience I had a number of assignments and readings assigned over the weekend so I decided I would get the boring stuff done first and then have some fun with the plaster casting. Unfortunately I was unable to get to the plaster casting until Sunday which just so happened to be the one day out of the week that Mother nature finally decided to rain in California so I was unable to go to the beach. However, I did not want to flake on this project so I decided to improvise, when I went to Home Depot to purchase some plaster I also bought a bag of sand. I set up my materials in the covered part of my backyard and placed my hand in a bucket, packed it in with sand and carefully removed my hand and my molding was almost perfect. When mixing the plaster I followed the package mixed two parts plaster and one part water but it still seemed really thick so I added some extra water. I filled the hole and waited for it to dry. After digging up my creation I saw that somehow the plaster was still too think and didn’t managed to drip to the ends of my fingers, my hand looked more like a paw. Nevertheless my mold still looks pretty cool in my opinion and I plan on giving this activity another go at the beach some time soon.


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