Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse

Media: Metal

Gallery: CSULB, School of Art, Gatov Gallery

Website: Anrtist has no website.

Instagram: Artist has no Instagram.


For this weeks Artist Conversation I spoke to Andre Ritter.  Ritter is a Spring 2015 graduate from the SOA Metals program.  A father of two, Riter more recently started devoting his free time to establish permanent art program at his sons school.  This program works by having different artists visiting the school throughout the year to work with the students.  This program benefits both the students, who get to express themselves during these activities/lessons, and the artists because it helps work towards their credentials.  Ritter seemed very passionate about this project and mentioned that if it works out the program would go district wide.  In addition to his art and other things art related, Ritter also enjoys beach volley ball, comic books, and The Walking Dead.

Ritter work consists of a variety of different objects.  Ritter had a few objects on display in the gallery, a headdress, a lamp/chandelier, and a wall display.  Ritter work was both exotic and industrial.  His use of metal for his wall decor piece included different cut outs and scraps leftover from his previous works and looked somewhat like the pieces to machinery.  The headdress display included colorful feathers that gave it the festive and exotic look that Ritter says was inspired by the South Pacific region.  His lamp, though metal and electrical, gave off a similar exotic look as the headdress from the patterns he used on the glass and the light the lamp emits.

When asking Ritter what his thought process for his art included he stated that his interested in all things exotic and referred specifically to Polynesian objects/artifacts, and that it could be due to the fact that he use to live in Hawaii and will therefore often refers back to it for inspiration.  He also mentions how nature takes a huge part in his inspiration when creating his artwork.  Ritter feels that he always has to fill the space so when displaying his art work he tries to arrange it so that there are no empty spaces in the room.  He mention that his choice of metal as his media is because of how long it lasts.

In general I enjoy the exhibition “Fuse” and my conversation with Andre Ritter.  I took joy in looking at the various metal pieces and Ritter was very easy to talk to and was able to answer questions and explain his art in a way that was easy to understand.



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