Wk7 – Art Experience – Group Video

Before this weeks art experience I was stressed out on how I would be able to get it done.  I had already planned out to study for 2 midterms this weekend and work on a project I had for another class and was wondering how I would be able to make it work into my busy schedule.  Even after being told I could not do it alone I was considering doing it alone anyway and just getting marked down a few points. I did not want to commit to a group and flake on them and the project because I couldn’t fit them into my schedule.  Thankfully I found out my friend Francesca also had a busy schedule and was willing to work during our Thursday class meeting.  Instead of half-assing a written script during class we decided to make a documentary about a typical day at the SOA galleries.  When we met at the SOA galleries  I found out that we would also get help from Dominique.  During the process I got to know Dominique and found that she’s a really cool person I even did my artist conversation in her.  After getting some cool creative shots around our favorite exhibits I was very satisfied with how our project would turn out.  We discussed the music we would use and Francesca volunteered to edit it and send us updates and the final product.  She did not disappoint, the final cut was exactly how I pictured it and she took our ideas for the video and incorporated them nicely into it.

The link to our video is down below, check it out!


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