Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: F* Art

Media: Metallic yarn, trash bags.

Gallery: Gatov East

Website: none

Instagram: @aliciakeyworth

Alicia Keyworth is an undergraduate in the CSULB School of Art BFA Fiber program, from Los Alamitos.  She loves both cats and alpacas.  Her “obsession” for alpacas goes so far that she often drives to San Juan Capistrano to visit alpacas at a petting zoo in the area.  She also enjoys spending time at the beach.  She describes her work as free in a sense of materials yet structured for the process.

Alicia Keyworths piece is a wall display that was weaved out of black trash bags and gold metallic yarn.  The piece is woven with a gold, jagged, geometric shape in the middle.  She uses very simple materials but a not so simple way of making her work.  

Keyworth uses a traditional loom to weave her pieces.  Most of her other artwork is colorful because of the fact that she uses scraps and recycled materials however Keyworth said that she wanted to challenge herself with this piece and thus went with using new materials. 

Overall I found Keyworth’s work to be very interesting to look over.  She allowed us to touch the piece with made it easier to make out the woven parts of it.  Along with Alicia’s artwork I found the entire exhibit to be very eye drawing, there was something to look at and closely examine in every part of the gallery. 



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