Wk8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

For this weeks art experience I asked my friend Steven to be my partner for the automatic drawing.  Starting off with this was hard because we were in a room with a few other friends so it was difficult to keep from laughing.  Once we relaxed we also had trouble with keeping our arms up because we were getting tired from holding them in the position off the paper and our hands were getting sweaty.  I’m not completely sure if we did the project right because some of the time I think the pencil just moved from us shifting weight or we moved it when we were getting bored without realizing it.  However there were a few small instances when the pencil seemed to be moving on its own.  The funny thing is once we noticed it was moving it would stop.  After looking at the drawing we tried making out things within it and some of us saw something that looked like a face. To me it just looks like something a two year old draws when the first learn how to use a pencil, nevertheless it was fun to created 




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