Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Almira Nikravesh

Artist: Almira Nikravesh

Exhibition: Farsh

Media: Cement based plaster, MDF

Gallery: Gatov East

Website: none

Instagram: @almiranikravesh
This week I had the pleasure of meeting Almira Nikravesh, originally from Iran, she is an undergrad senior in the CSULB SOA Scuplture program.  Her work draws inspiration from things in her life.  She enjoys sculpting because of all the medias you can use “You’re not restricted to just one material”.  In her free time she enjoys weight lifting and calls herself a “maker”.

Her piece took up an entire room.  In the center of the room was a Persian rug converted to MDF.  Lined up on the floor against the wall all around the room were pairs of feet made out of cement based plaster.  Almira told us in the interview that there were 91 pairs of feet.  Overall exhibit seem simplistic but upon close examination of the rug you could see how intricate it was and could tell that the artist paid a lot of time and attention when creating it.

In creating this piece Almira was trying to recreate a rug her father bought that has been in her family for many years.  The rug lays in her parents home without being touched or walked on in order to preserve it.  Almira recreated the rug in a way that would allow people to walk on it without ruining it.  The feet symbolize the way her family is expected to walk or stand in the room in which the rug resides.  This ties back into Almira’s inspriation that draws from things that in her life.

I very much enjoyed Almira’s exhibit “Farsh”.  Her work and meanings behind it were easy to draw connections between and the overall display and set up of the exhibit were very appealing to the eye.  I could not stop looking at the MDF rug and making out all the patterns within it.



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