Wk9 – Artist Convo – Sean Joy Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig 

Exhibition: “All Work, All Play”

Media: Metals, copper

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Website: none 

Instagram: none
This week I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Joy Cabanig. An undergrad in her fifth year, Cabanig will be graduating this spring and is in the CSULB BFA Metals program. While talking, she told us that this was her first art show and how excited she was to be showcasing her work. She is originally from la but lives in long beach. When we asked about any interests she told us that she loves cats but “that don’t go buying me a bunch of cat stuff”. Cabanig also told us about her love for reading and experimenting with her art.

Her pieces were all around the room consisting of many metal objects and jewelry. One piece she mentioned during our talk that she said most tend to overlook was the work “Constellation” which was on the ceiling. When I walked in I looked for the Constellation and even while looking for it they were hard to notice, I had expected just one piece on the ceiling but what it was was multiple pieces hanging from the ceiling around the room. But my two favorite pieces were: “Sweet Spot Ladel” which depicted a clown, rolling down the spiraled Handel of a Ladel, on top of a ball; and “Sprouting Acorn” which was exactly what it sounds like, an acorn which mini sprouts on top. Both of my favorite pieces were made out of copper.

Cabanig draws her ideas from her environment, emotional being, and humor. My favorite pieces from her exhibit are two that I believe are derived from all three categories of inspiration, first, her emotional being (joy/happiness) and humor and second, her environment. “Sweet Spot Ladel” I believed showed joy and humor from the way the clown is delicted playing on this Ladel. Sprouting acorn could have been inspired by a nature environment in the artists life and represent growth within her life.

Overall I though Cabanigs work was beautiful and pleasing to look at. The work was perfect showing no flaws at all and I’m glad to have had a conversation with her.



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