Wk10 – Artist Conversation – 

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Media: oil, pastels, charcoal, many other drawing/painting medias

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

Instagram: none
This week I talked to the artist Helen Werner Cox.  Helen is a graduate in her last semester of earning her CSULB SOA MFA Drawing and Painting Figurative.  She is Ithica, NY and moved to Boston to get her bachelors degree at Boston University.  After receiving her bachelors she taught highschool for 13 years in Boston and then moved to California because she was tired of the snow and rain.  Upon arriving to CA, she decided to fall back on teaching and try teaching middle schoolers for a change and taught first art and then became to school librarian for the next 14 years.  Helen loves gardening and is an avid fiction and mystery reader.

Helens work consists of pastel, oil, charcoal and many other medias on paper or canvas.  Her pieces depict many different images of carousel horses.  Her work is very colorful and though they capture still life horses it’s as if they are all moving drastically and she simply froze them in her painting.  Carol went to many warehouses and abandoned carousels to spend her days drawing them

Helen told us about how the idea for her exhibition came to her when she was forced to think of a project and remembered that she was in and area where many antique carousels were within driving distance.  She liked the idea of carousels as they represent society and how we are always spinning in circles repeating all our actions.  She noticed how many of the horses on these carousels had their mouths open as if they were screaming but of course no sound was coming out and decided to focus on that detail of the carousels.

I enjoyed Helens exhibit and the conversation I had with her.  Helen was very easy to talk to in fact I didn’t have to ask her many questioned at all because she gave so much information about herself and I enjoyed just listening to what she had to say.  Her work is remarkable, full of life, and very detail oriented.  Her ideas surrounding the work really catches my attention as I too have noticed society’s tendency to travel in the same circle over and over again. 



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