Wk12 – Art Experience – Geocaching

This weeks art experiences was a tricky one. After downloading the Geocaching app I found that there were a few geocaches in my area so I decided to try those out.  I visited five geocaches and could not find any package from any of those. I was about to give up when I saw that the app gives reviews on the geocaches. I found that some geocaches I went to, most people could not find it at all but there was one that most all the reviews were good ones so I went back to the location.

The other geocachers said that the hint was in the title which was “Grabber High” and that some had to climb on the top of cars to reach it so I kept my eye level directed upwards. I saw that the only thing that was that high was the street sign so I a amines it closely and could make out something orange within the cracks. I had my friend boost me up and I reached in and found a small cute little voodoo type doll made out of string. I decided to give it to my friend since she accompanied me both days over the weekend to all five locations and I replaced the geocache with an old watch.

Overall I liked the Geocache activity and I plan on doing the extra credit geocache activity this week because it was so much fun. I think I would also like to set up my own geocache and fill it with some cool knick knacks as well.



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