Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Painting and Digital Print Making

Gallery: CSULB SOA Gatov Gallery West

Website: none

Instagram: none

This weeks artist convo is on Jennifer Chen, an undergrad (graduating this semester in the CSULB SOA. Jennifer was quite interesting as she also has an undergrad in Biology. It was a little difficult trying to get a lot of information about Jennifer but from what I found, she’s very interested in her experiences with bothe her art and biology career.

Chen’s work consists of large prints of areas with both nature and mammash structures. The images have a slight digital or animated look to them, and I found out that it’s because they’re printed from the Google maps app that allows you to View locations in 3-D form. These images are Digital prints mask over with silkscreen and then glossed over to give it a more three dimensional quality.

Chens images explore The idea that when nature is disturbed whether it’s a natural distraction or man-made structure it will always try to come back from that and regrow and heal itself. These disturbances could be fires floods new buildings roads and any other event or “thing” that was not originally in the landscape.

Overall I enjoyed Chens work. I thought it was a very unique way of capturing landscape images in the message behind it is very interesting. I do wish she was more talkative that way I could pick her brain about the many ideas that could lay behind this concept. 



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