Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford


Media: neon lights, black light, objects

Instagram: @nickbam4d

Website: none

This week I ventured into the SOA Gatov East gallery to take a look at Nick Bamfords intriguing sculptures.  Bamford is a Ceramics BFA undergrad in his final year who lives in Huntington. He originally got a knack for ceramics when he took the class in highschool and decided to take it farther and challenge himself by going beyond the usual materials seen in ceramics.

Bamfords exhibition features various sculptures made out of (what seem to be ) random objects, however, there’s a twist. These sculptures are neon colored and displayed in a dark room with black walls. The sculptures are set up around the room with black lights directed on them so that the neon colors pop and glow even more.

He draws inspiration from one of his favorite artists, Picasso because of his abstract figures. His work explores the ideas of taking objects from their original environment and incorporating them into something else. For this exhibition Bamford wanted to incorporate neon/black lights in some way, and what better way than to use it to make his work pop? 

Overall I really enjoyed the exhibition and the answers I got from the artist. Bamford makes clear connections from his inspiration, to his work, to what the meaning behind it is. The artwork was fun to look and decipher what each of the objects were. 



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