Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: Printmaking

Instagram: none

Website: none

This week I visited the exhibit of Nancy Young, a printmaker here at CSULB. Nancy’s history at CSULB is an interesting one, she was disqualified from the university in her twenties because certain issues she was having in her life at that time that got in the way of her studies. Nancy is a computer programmer that creates databases that serves as her career and supports her. She decided to major in art because it’s what she loves to do in her free time and the way it expands your creativity. For her, printmaking is more of a hobby, as she already has a career that she loves and supports her financially, and only wishes to have her work shown in galleries for the joy it brings. 

Nancy’s work consists of printmaking on several surfaces, metal, rubber, paper and shows many images of landscapes and crows witching these different environments. For her metal pieces she explained that the technique “intaglio” involves coating the metal with ink then exposing parts of the metal by scratching the ink off. The metal plate is then dipped in acid and the exposed parts of the metal are eaten away at and when the ink is wiped off you’re left with an image where the acid ate at the metal.

Nancy’s work explores ideas of personal issues. She mentions her dogs and the grief of losing her husband nine years ago. She describes this exhibition as a bookmark for her life that after all these years she’s finally finished getting her degree. The crow in her work symbolizes the fact that people are always traveling and moving to different places. This really hits home for some students who will be graduating next week and forced to “leave the nest” and embark on real life, applying for jobs, possibly moving away. 

Overall I really enjoyed listening to what Nancy had to say about her work. I believe she is a very talented artist with an interesting background and past. Her story is inspiration  for anyone who left school and is considering coming back or is afraid they might fail. 



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