Wk15 – Student Conversation – Katherine Shinno

This week I had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with my classmate Katherine.  Katherine is a 1st year pre-comm major, just like me, which she wants to use to eventually earn a career in PR and management for Disney. She is originally from Pasadena and dorms here at CSULB. Katherine has one older sister and though she has had no pets besides fish, she talked a lot about always wanting a dog and when I mentioned that my family has 3 German shepherds she got very excited saying that she’s always wanted a German shepherd herself. During her free time Katherine enjoys the outdoors. She often goes hiking and exploring mountains, beaches, and in caves. She recently entertained her outdoors interest by visiting the Grand Canyon which has inspired her to get a California Parks pass to which she would have access to some of the best parks in the state. Her favorite animal is an elephant and she enjoys movies such as the breakfast club and ferris buellers day off (some of my many favorites) because of how they paint such simple lives into ways that make it seem so exciting. She is currently binge watching new girl (one of the funniest shows currently on television) and plans to spend her summer looking for internships and reconnecting with old highschool friends that she hasn’t seen much since she started college this year.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Katherine, I found that we had so much in common and I only wish we had talked earlier in the semester. Still, this was a great finale to an entire semester of classmate conversations. 



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